How I turned to plant based diet? Part Three

By BassemSAdmin

Published May 20, 2014

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We are brought up to think that a “good diet” is one that has balanced portions of carbohydrates, fat and proteins, along with some vitamins and minerals on the side. A diet that does not contain proteins ,and to be specific animal proteins ,is considered insufficient . A “good quality diet” must contain a good amount of “quality proteins” which means it has to come from animals. We believe that proteins coming from plants are inferior or at least inefficient in comparison with the proteins coming from animals

But what I am writing here isn’t just directed to prove that eating plant based diet is as nutritious and as adequate as animal diet. What I want to tell you that animal products, meat, chicken, fish, eggs and diary can actually hurt you. It can actually promote or even cause our killer diseases, like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes

One of the biggest and longest running studies in history of nutrition “The China Study” demonstrated that if you add an offensive carcinogenic substance like aflatoxin to rats to cause liver cancer, the outcome varied according to the rats diet. The group which received 20% -30% protein in their diet (which is the recommended human intake) all developed liver cancer. While the other group which received no animal proteins , non of them developed the liver cancer

It was as if the protein was the switch ON button. When a group of MIT researchers including Dr. Campbell were invited to investigate the striking rise of liver cancer in the Philippines , they were under the impression that malnutrition is playing a factor and that there was an apparent “protein gap” between their diet and the American standard diet. The cause of the cancer was the toxin aflatoxin in rotten peanut butter

But the striking finding was that almost all the children that developed cancer were those of rich families who were receiving a protein diet similar to the American standard. While the percentage of developed cancer among poorer children with no access to enough meat and milk was much lower that it is in the first gorup

The animal protein that was used in the rat experiment mentioned above was casein. This is the major protein in milk and cheese. Other plant based proteins did not produce the same effect

Which brings me to my first target,: MILK

Is consuming dairy products a healthy habit? Is everything we know about its benifits is right? Or is there another prespective we do not know of


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