How I turned to plant based diet? Part One

By BassemSAdmin

Published Apr 27, 2014

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Only six months ago I was a junk food addict, a slave for my sweet tooth, I ate and nibbled and ate and ate  and didn’t stop eating. I loved meat, consumed cheese and eggs and thought that as long as I am eating proteins I am fine

I played sports every day, but there was always something wrong with my weight.  I tried everything: protein diets, low carb diets, low fat diets. I ate what I thought was “healthy” : Chicken, meat, eggs, etc. Sometimes I would lose weight, but it felt like it was forced, so I always rebounded. I never felt good about my sleep or energy to the point that I thought that being insomniac and chronically fatigued was the norm

Then I met Nader

Nader Montasser was a friend of mine from School. I have known him since 1986

He was an active kid, played water polo in the Egyptian league plus a dozen other sports.  Six months ago I discovered he was diagnosed having multiple sclerosis

For those of you who don’t know this disease, it is one of the most challenging autoimmune diseases out there. Simply put , your nerves degenerate and slowly you lose your motor and sensory functions

Nader was diagnosed in 2007 and he was told that in 5 years time he would be on a wheel chair

It has been 7 years. Nader still plays water polo

Nader decided to look for alternatives. He didn’t want to take the toxic medicine. He didn’t give in. And this is when he came across Natural Hygiene

This was a whole new wave led by researchers and doctors who claimed that the reason we get sick was because of what we ate

They looked to nature and observed what animals do when they get sick

They found out that injured and sick animals go to retire next to a water source and abstain from eating completely. They just drink water and rest

The scientists formulated that eating, digestion and the metabolism that follows consume a huge percentage of our body energy expenditure. So when you stop eating, all this extra energy is diverted to healing

Nader started going to fasting retreats in South Africa, America and Cost Arica. He saw miracles. Cancer patients, diabetic patients, patients with autoimmune diseases, heart diseases. All of them were getting better

Then he got better

He met superior athletes, ultra marathon runners going there every year, not because they suffered any illness, but to improve their physical performance. Nader couldn’t believe it till he tried it.  His symptoms improved and after he finished the retreat he switched completely to a plant based diet. He turned into a “fruitarian” which means that he only eats raw vegetables and fruits

I couldn’t believe Nader as I was listening to him while eating my last huge double cheese burger, by bag of fries and soda. This was my last time to eat such things


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